Called to Give Evidence to the Faith in our Times


hagia-sophia-istanbulThe last real field trip that I took as a student took place several years ago when I was in Rome studying liturgy. The trip took place at the end of February between the first and the second semester. A group of students from the school that I was studying at went with one of our rather famous liturgy professors to visit the church of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. This church was built in the sixth century at a time when the Roman Empire was divided between the East and the West and the capital of the East was at Constantinople or present day Istanbul. At the time of its construction, it was the largest church in the world. Our class was going to visit it and study it as part of a class on church architecture. Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day!

fathersdayThe Parish Community of St. Peter’s Church wish a very Happy Father’s Day and all of God’s blessings to our fathers, grandfathers, godfathers and  many other father figures in our lives. We also remember fathers who are no longer with us, but whose memories we will always cherish. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!

“Who do you say that I am?”; A Question to be Answered in the Year of Mercy

“Who do you say that I am?”

whodoyousayAs Jesus puts this question to Peter in this Sunday’s Gospel, there is a possibility that we might hear it as a question that He is putting only to Peter as a way of inviting Peter alone to make a profession of faith regarding Jesus’ identity. It is, however, clear from the way that Jesus responds to Peter’s answer that Jesus has far more in mind then simply asking Peter whom He thinks Jesus to be. Jesus responds to Peter’s answer by telling him exactly what His mission is about and by explaining to Peter that those who truly believe that He is the Christ must live their lives in a way that reflects what they profess Him to be. Continue reading

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time -June 19, 2016


Together we are working wonders…

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the 2016 ShareLife Parish Campaign. You have made a brighter future much easier for many of the most vulnerable in our communities by your generosity. For those who wish to make a contribution, you are still welcome to do so. You can drop your ShareLife envelopes in the offertory basket until July 31,2016 or donate online at Thank you!

Thank You for Your Generosity

Together we can work wonders!


New Beginnings and Catholic Family Services of Toronto

The New Beginnings and Catholic Family Services of Toronto is offering a six week group program for adult men and women coping with the many struggles involved in the process of separation and divorce. Group participants will receive support and guidance as they move through this difficult period of transition.

The group will run on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm beginning May 10th to June 14th at our Central Office, 1155 Yonge Street (Summerhill Subway Station). Space is limited.

For further information, please contact Alex Lopechuk at 416-921-1163  x2227 or email,

Taking care of our Spiritual home while on vacation

OfferingEnvelopeclipartKindly be reminded that during the summer months many of you may be away  on holidays and the best way to take care of our spiritual home is making contribution through direct debit program which is called the PAG program. Forms are located at the back of the Church and also available on our website and our parish office. We humbly request you to make use of this program and thank you for your continued generosity. Please feel free to contact our parish office at 416-534-4219 if you have any concerns. Thank you.

Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time June 12, 2016

sharelife2Working wonders for people locally and around the world…

“You do not have to look far to see the wonders being worked by ShareLife… in the pews of your parish, in the homes on your street, in your neighbourhood.” ShareLife agencies provide competent, faith-informed care to those who turn to them for help, regardless of their beliefs or background. Last year, over 381,000 services were provided to over 114,000 people in our Archdiocese in more than 20 languages, receiving the compassion, care and respect they rightly deserve. In addition, countless others were assisted through outreach programs around the world.” —Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto.

Thank You for Your Generosity. Together we can work wonders!