Courtyard Movie Sponsors

Are you interested in a sponsorship opportunity with our annual St. Peter’s Courtyard Movies event? During select Saturdays this summer, the parish will be hosting movie screenings on the main lawn of Saint Peter’s Catholic Church.  The movie series will comprise of a great mix of classic films as well as several recent releases.

Our theme this year is community awareness, and we’re looking for sponsors to help make this event possible. Consider making a donation to help sponsor our event, example donations;  gift cards, movie passes, game tickets etc. By giving to the St. Peter’s Courtyard Movies event we will advertise your business/ name on our movie night pamphlets, website and pre-screening film. For more details about our Courtyard Movie Night events please visit our website at or contact the parish office

Happy Father’s Day

The Parish Community of St. Peter’s Church wish a very Happy Father’s Day and all of God’s blessings to our fathers, grandfathers, godfathers and many other father figures in our lives. We also remember fathers who are no longer with us, but whose memories we will always cherish. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!

A Loving and Gentle Father

Image by David Bowman

One of the things that I am most grateful for in my life is that I have lived into my fifties and still have my father and mother and they continue to be happy and healthy. There is no doubt in my mind that the older I get, the more I appreciate all that they have done for me. Since they have been together for as long as I have been alive, it is impossible for me to think of them as separate. They are and always have been for me simply “my parents.” So much do I think of them as one, that I sometimes find it odd when I tell people that I am going to visit my parents and certain people respond by saying, “Oh, you are going to visit your mommy.” It always makes me wonder what kind of relationship they had with their parents and I always make a point of saying, “no, I am going to visit my father and my mother.” Both my father and my mother have always been there for me and have always supported me with their love. Continue reading

Eleventh Sunday of Ordinary Time: June 17, 2018

Living the Gospel by helping isolated seniors

In partnership with Catholic Family Service agencies and six parishes in Peel Region and Simcoe County, ShareLife is funding a pilot project that connects trained volunteers with isolated and lonely seniors. Volunteers cultivate relationships by conducting home visits, making phone calls, and linking seniors with community resources. Through your generosity, ShareLife is connecting these seniors with the support they need.

Please make a sacrificial gift to ShareLife through your parish or

Workshop for Eucharistic Ministers to Seniors Homes – June 16 at 2 PM

The Parish is looking for individuals who are interested in bringing Holy Communion and visiting with people in some of the local seniors’ homes. If you would be interested in this, please consider attending a training session for visitors to senior’s homes. This workshop is intended only for parishioners of St. Peter’s Church. It will take place on Saturday, June 16 at 2 PM in the Centre in the St. Paul’s room.

Tenth Sunday of Ordinary Time: June 10, 2018

Living the Gospel by helping youth rebuild their lives

Sarah couldn’t get along with her mother, so she tried living on the streets at age 14. She hitchhiked to Toronto to move in with her cousin, who soon kicked her out. Having no place to go, Sarah decided to try Sancta Maria House. She initially hated the structure and rules. However, the supportive staff won her trust and helped her return to school. At the end of her stay, she restored her relationship with her mother. ShareLife-funded agencies like Sancta Maria House are helping at-risk youth turn their lives around.

Please make a sacrificial gift to ShareLife through our parish or