Are you thinking of purchasing a live Christmas tree?


xmas treeStarting November 27th through December 24, the same company as in years past will be selling Christmas trees on the Markham Street lot of our church. Please consider getting your tree (or trees) from them. You would be helping St. Peter’s operating budget by purchasing your live trees from our Markham Street lot. There will be many beautiful trees available and your purchase of a Christmas tree helps to financially support the Winter Welcome table’s outreach efforts. The lot will be open every day from 10 AM to 8 PM.

Accommodation needed for Parish’s Refugee Family

The Parish’s Refugee family will be arriving soon, hopefully in the month of January or February. In order to accommodate this family the parish is looking for an apartment which is either two or three bedrooms that would be located in the parish and will be affordable. If you are aware of such accommodation please call the Parish Office at 416-534-4219.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas DecorationChristmas ornaments will be available at the back of the church beginning this weekend to help the people of the winter welcome table. Instructions for the ornaments are on the reverse side …donations are accepted until Dec 21 when we have our Christmas dinner.

Any questions or for further information please contact us. Thank you for your ongoing support of our program

The Parish’s “We Remember Poster”

It is not uncommon for many people to sit next to someone at church for many years and not know their name. When parishioners pass away, many do not recognize their name when they are prayed for or their funeral Mass is announced.

The parish community would like to put a photo of those who die on our “We Remember Poster” so that all parishioners might recognize them and pray for them.  For that reason, we invite the families of parishioners to bring to the office photos of any parishioners who have died since July 2015 so that we may place their photos on our “We Remember Poster” in the front entrance and others may pray for them.

Catholic Family Services of Toronto Walk-in Services

Our professional counselling staff is trained to offer Walk-In services to clients who have an urgent need to speak with a counsellor. The single-session consultation is aimed at helping clients identify and hone-in on plans that will provide them with help for their presenting concern. Clients who are interested in accessing services can:

(1) choose to call one of our branches at 416-921-1163 (Central) or 416-222-0048 (North) and book a single-session appointment, OR

(2) drop-in at our North Office on Thursdays between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For additional information on the range of services we offer, please visit our website at:

Project Hope Update

To date the Archdiocese has raised 2.4 million dollars to sponsor Syrian Refugee Families. The goal is 3 million dollars. Our own parish has a Committee and we will be sponsoring a family. If there are any families in the parish who have a home or an apartment to accommodate our family, please notify the parish office (416-534-4219). To date, we do not know the exact make-up of the family we are sponsoring (number of children or adults). Please keep the refugees in your prayers.