Corpus Christi (Third ShareLife Sunday) May 29, 2016

sharelife2Working wonders for people in our homes and parishes…

In 2012, Nadia was brought to Street Haven’s emergency shelter by the police. She was an immigrant from India and had been locked in a garage by her husband and mother-in-law for two years, rarely able to visit the two children. Upon her arrival at Street Haven, Nadia thrived. She slowly built trust with the counselors, participated in household responsibilities, and loved looking after the gardens. Her counselor set Nadia up with a lawyer and after a year of legal consultations, she received custody of her two children. Street Haven helped them find housing and Nadia and her children now live in a beautiful, safe home where they have started a new chapter in their lives.

Today is ShareLife Sunday – May 29, 2016

Thank you for your generosity. You can work wonders!

Congratulations to Fr. Yaw

Our Community has known since he arrived that Fr. Yaw Acheampong was only going to be with us for a year to help with the transition. On June 30, 2016, Fr. Yaw will become the pastor of Our Lady of Peace Parish in Etobicoke. There will be a Coffee Sunday after the 9:00 and 11:15 AM Masses on Sunday, June 5, in the Church auditorium to thank Fr. Yaw for his time here at St. Peter’s. His last Sunday here will be June 12, 2016. Congratulations to Fr. Yaw. Let us pray that the Lord will bless him in his new assignment.

“In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

trinity2As Catholics, every time that we pray, we begin by invoking the names of the three persons of the Holy Trinity, whose feast we celebrate this Sunday. This custom can be so habitual that at times we may do it without realizing how profound the words are that we are saying. Each time we name the three person of the Holy Trinity, we are articulating a great mystery about God and his proximity to us that has been revealed to us by God Himself. The only way that we know about the Trinity and the names of the persons contained within God is because Jesus Himself has told us about Them. As the Son of God sent from the Father, Jesus has told us to call God “our Father” and has repeatedly spoken to us about the Father. During His life Jesus promised His disciples that He would send them the Holy Spirit after He had returned to the Father. At Pentecost the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the Church by Jesus and His Father in Heaven. That the three cannot be separated is witnessed to in the passage from the end of the Gospel of Matthew (chapter 28), as Jesus commissions His disciples to baptize all people “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” Everything that we know about God as the Trinity has been revealed to us by the Trinity Himself. We can learn so much about God’s love for us in reflecting upon this great mystery of our faith. Continue reading

Trinity Sunday May 22, 2016

sharelife2Working wonders for those in our community…

“I first came to Rose of Sharon as a pregnant, young mom, thinking this would never happen to me,” explains Brittany, now with her five year old son Ethan and one year old daughter Sarah. At 17, Brittany came to the Rose of Sharon to enroll in the mother baby programs designed to assist her and her new family get on their feet. Everything from diapers, food, clothing, cooking classes, completion of high school education, Ontario Works application, resume assistance and more was available to her. Within a year, she was able to use her new-found skills to adjust to her new life. Brittany thanks ShareLife donors for their financial support to help them deal with the challenges they have faced, and learning to grow as a family and enjoy each other. Last year, over 6,300 young parents received the care, counselling and educational support they needed to care for themselves and their new families.

So far our parish has collected over $17,000. Our parish goal for this year is $20,000.

Next Sunday, May 29, 2016 is ShareLife Sunday Please give generously. You can work wonders!