FALL FAIR centerpieces- Donations Needed!

The parish is  looking for 50 volunteers to donate $10.00 to our Fall Fair (scheduled for Sat Nov 2 and Sun Nov 3) table centrepieces.  We would like to purchase 50 floral arrangements as the centrepieces for the tables and to decorate the stage.

Each person who donates for the flowers will be able to take home as many as they donated for.

If you wish to contribute please leave your name, contact information and $10 contribution with Diana at the parish office.

We will be ordering the flowers on October 18th, so please have the money and your information in to the parish office by then.

Also, we will be marking the flowers noting who our generous sponsors are, i.e. “Donated by: Donors Name”, further, the flowers will be available for the donors to take home with them once the fair is over.