A Mother’s Day Story and Blessing

Every year on Mother’s Day, I love to tell the story of an episode of Sesame Street that I recall from many years ago.

The muppet puppets were featured in a story in which a little boy was separated from his mother. As the boy was crying in the town’s piazza because he could not find his mother, the king of that town came upon him and asked him why he was crying. The little boy responded that he had been separated from his mother and could not find her.

The king asked the little boy what his mother looked like and promised to send his entire army out to find her. The boy exclaimed that his mother “was the most beautiful women in the world.” The king dispatched his army to find the most beautiful women in the world so that she might be re-united with her son. The soldiers in the army brought back all of the beautiful women in the kingdom to be re-united with the child. Each time the boy was presented with another person to ask if this was his mother, he said “no, that is not her.” They continued to bring all of the women in the kingdom. Finally, the king said to the boy, we have brought you every beautiful women in the kingdom. And the boy said, but I told you “my mother is the most beautiful women in the world.

When it seemed like all of the women in the kingdom had been brought, everyone was beginning to lose hope that the boy would ever be re-united with his mother. Finally, a worn down and poorly dressed women made her way in to the king’s court and the boy shrieked in gladness at the sight of his mother.

Surprised that this was the boy’s mother, the king said, “I thought that you said that your mother was the most beautiful women in the world.” The boy exclaimed that “she is indeed the most beautiful women in the world. What took you so long to find her?”

Today we celebrate and give thanks for the gift of our mothers. I will offer Mass for the mothers of all the parishioners of St. Peter’s Parish—those living and deceased.

Thank you to all the mothers of the parish who are to their children the most beautiful women in the world.

May God bless the mothers of our parish today and always.

Fr. Michael