World Mission Sunday October 20, 2019

There will be a second collection next week for the Evangelization of the Nations, otherwise known as World Mission Sunday. This is a worldwide collection for the missionary church and it is our opportunity to assist at-need Catholic communities globally.. We are called to share from our abundance. Thank you for your support of this important work

Fall Fair Volunteers, Bake Table and Italian Table- Help Needed!

The Fall Fair community is looking for volunteers to help in various roles before, during and after the fair.

We are also looking for bakers and/ or volunteers to lead the bake table and cooks and/or volunteer support at the Italian table.

For those who can donate baked goods and/ or food please bring your donations directly to the Fall Fair and leave them at their assigned table on either Saturday November 2 anytime between 12noon- 7 PM or Sunday November 3 10 AM- 5 PM.

If you’re interested in volunteering for this year’s Fall Fair, feel free to contact the parish office at 416-534-4219 or email

Thank you in advance for your help and contributions!

Thanksgiving—A Call to Stewardship!

Thanksgiving is a North American holiday. If I remember my school lessons correctly, it derives from the experience of the first European settlers here in North America and their experience of their first few years here on this continent. The way we were taught about this holiday when I was in elementary school recalled how difficult these first Europeans found the bitter winter to survive on their own and how unprepared they were to make it through this difficult climate. They were so unprepared for the conditions they found on this continent that it was only with the help of the Indigenous People, who knew the land and the ways of growing here, that they were able to make it through those initial days. Once they had learned to grow crops in this territory and figure out how to survive the conditions on this continent, they were so grateful that they began to have a special feast called “Thanksgiving” at the end of the growing season to celebrate the goods of this land and the great opportunities that they had discovered here. From my school days, I recall a part of those initial Thanksgiving celebrations involved celebrations with the Indigenous People who had helped these first settlers to make their lives possible here. That is why so many of our celebrations still highlight the many vegetables and local products that were handed over to the Europeans by the Indigenous People to help them survive. Of course, the history of our continent also shows us that this cooperative relationship between the first European settlers and the Indigenous People did not continue for very long. After a very short period of time, the European settlers began to take the land for granted and to demand that it all be given to them. What was at first regarded as a privilege to be grateful for, soon began to be regarded as something that was owed to them and the land and the Indigenous People were exploited. The great buffalo that roamed the continent were soon extinct and the Indigenous Peoples lost their lands and were relegated to reserves across both Canada and the United States. We still hear of the tragic circumstances of this history today as we read about the high suicide rates among the young people in the Indigenous communities. This is a part of our history that still calls for much healing, truth and reconciliation. Continue reading

FALL FAIR centerpieces- Donations Needed!

The parish is  looking for 50 volunteers to donate $10.00 to our Fall Fair (scheduled for Sat Nov 2 and Sun Nov 3) table centrepieces.  We would like to purchase 50 floral arrangements as the centrepieces for the tables and to decorate the stage.

Each person who donates for the flowers will be able to take home as many as they donated for.

If you wish to contribute please leave your name, contact information and $10 contribution with Diana at the parish office.

We will be ordering the flowers on October 18th, so please have the money and your information in to the parish office by then.

Also, we will be marking the flowers noting who our generous sponsors are, i.e. “Donated by: Donors Name”, further, the flowers will be available for the donors to take home with them once the fair is over.