Eucharistic Minister

What is a Eucharistic minister?

A Eucharistic minister is a lay person who helps with the distribution of the Eucharist during the communion rite of Mass. Some distribute the host, and some the consecrated wine. At St. Peter’s it is our custom of offer communion under both species – consecrated bread and wine – so we need multiple ministers to make both forms of communion available.

Why do people become Eucharistic ministers?

Eucharistic Ministers are people who have a reverence for the presence of Christ in the Eucharist, and the meaning of Eucharist in the Catholic tradition. They want to assist others in their participation in the graces of this sacrament of our Church. They also must be steady on their feet, and have steady hands to hold the cup of consecrated wine or a paten of consecrated hosts. And they must be willing to interact with the people who come to communion, and to offer them the Body and Blood of Christ.

How can I become a Eucharistic minister?

Of all the ministries open to lay people in our Church, Eucharistic ministry requires the greatest sense of devotion and reverence. It also requires an ability to respond appropriately and sensitively to the variety of people who approach you in the line to receive communion.

Regular attendance at Mass, a commitment to show up when you are the assigned minister on the schedule, and the willingness to help out even at other times, when needed, are important qualities in a Eucharistic minister.

All new Eucharistic ministers go through a brief training, to familiarize them with the ritual actions in the sanctuary around the distribution of communion. Sometimes, when these rituals are modified, experienced ministers need a brief training session as well.

Who do I speak to about becoming a Eucharistic minister?

If you have not yet registered as a new parishioner, we encourage you to do so – there is space on there to tell us you want to be a eucharistic minister.

If you have any questions or would like more information on becoming a eucharistic minister you can contact us online or phone the parish office.