What is a lector?

“Lector” is the Latin word for “reader”. A lector is a parishioner who contributes to the liturgy of the Mass by proclaiming that day’s readings from scripture. Then the priest reads from the gospels and delivers his homily.

A set lector schedule is produced every two months. Depending on the particular Mass you sign up for, you’ll be required to read about once or twice a month. If you can’t make it on your scheduled day, it’s up to you find one of your fellow lectors to cover for you.

Lectors are provided with a book of readings for each Church year, so they can practice ahead of time. The books also contain interesting information about the context and meaning of the passages to be read. Studying this can help make your proclaiming of the scripture more confident and meaningful to your listeners.

Why do people become lectors?

For many reasons …

• To be more involved in the Sacrament of the Eucharist
• To demonstrate your commitment to the life of the Church
• To get more active in our parish community
• To deepen your own experience of the Mass
• To develop a closer relationship to the scripture
• To help your fellow parishioners enjoy a richer experience of the Mass

How can I become a lector?

The main requirements are a commitment to regular attendance at Mass, and the ability to read aloud, in a clear, relaxed voice. If you get extremely anxious in front of a crowd or a microphone, or if you difficulty pronouncing English words, you may want to get involved in a different area of our parish life.

All lectors first have to go through a training program – to help you better understand the role of scripture in our Catholic liturgy, and learn how to address some of the challenges of reading in a large resonant space like St Peter’s.

Who do I speak to about becoming a lector?

If you have not yet registered as a new parishioner, we encourage you to do so – there is space on there to tell us you want to be a lector.

If you have any questions or would like more information on becoming a lector you can contact us online or phone the parish office. .