Winter Welcome Table

WWTWhat is the “Winter Welcome Table”?

“The Winter Welcome Table” is a joint social outreach program to assist the plight of the homeless by offering hospitality and serving a warm evening meal. It involves two parish communities (St. Peter’s and St. Joan of Arc) and is inspired by a sense of collaboration of three religious communities which serve in both parishes.

“The Winter Welcome Table” reflects the spirit of a joint ministry covenant signed by the leaders of The Sisters of Our Lady of Sion, The Sisters and Friars of the Atonement, and St. Peter’s with the intention “to join hands with one another to give clearer and stronger expression to the Church’s mission for Christian unity and inter-religious collaboration.”

Why the name?

Winter for the season in which this program operates, Welcome represents charism of hospitality, Table reflects the spirit of openness in nourishing both physically and spiritually which is characteristic of The Atonements and Sisters of Sion.

What type of program is it?

Monday evenings from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m., hospitality and a meal will be offered to the homeless as guests in which they are treated with dignity and respect. It is an opportunity to demonstrate our compassion and concern by opening our doors, table, hearts and lives to those who are less fortunate in our city.

When does the “Winter Welcome Table” begin?

The “Winter Welcome Table” begins the first Monday of November and runs for 22 consecutive weeks.

What are some ways that I can volunteer to help out with the “Winter Welcome Table”?

Set-up / Clean-up
Kitchen & Shoppers
Greeters & Socializers
Clothing Distribution

Interested in helping out or learning more?

If you are interested or desire further information about the “Winter Welcome Table”, please call (416) 534-4219 x 213, use our online form or come by to St. Peter’s Church Auditorium on Monday evenings.