World Day for Consecrated Life Celebration at St. Paul’s Basilica

On Saturday, February 2, the Church celebrates the World Day for Consecrated Life.

In the Archdiocese of Toronto we are blessed to have more than 900 consecrated men and women living and serving among us. This World Day for Consecrated Life is a wonderful opportunity for us to thank God for the gifts of the consecrated and to pray for God’s blessing upon them in their efforts to faithfully live the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience. There will be a special Mass on Sunday, February 2, 2020, at 3 p.m. at St. Paul’s Basilica, Toronto, in celebration of the vocation and witness of these men and women who are such a vital and important part of the life and ministry of the Church in our archdiocese. All are welcome to attend. Please email your RSVP to:

Vocations – Witness Stories

“No one is excluded from the Church’s mission… The Lord is …calling you… The Lord is asking you to be a gift wherever you are, and just as you are, with everyone around you…Rediscover your fruitfulness in the joy of mission!” (Adapted excerpt from Pope Francis’ Homily, October 1, 2019)

Following the parish survey a suggestion was made to have a parish vocation animation committee. The role of the committee is to foster a culture or lived awareness of vocation in the parish. The committee understands “vocation” to mean a call or invitation to service.

As Christians our first experience of this comes at baptism when we become a member of the Christian community.

Then throughout our Christian life we receive other calls or invitations as ways to live or serve. 

One of the first activities of the committee has been to invite parishioners to witness to the ways they have experienced a call or invitation to serve in the parish and how this has informed their life in the parish and given them joy and enrichment.

We hope you recognize yourself in their witness stories and realize that you could write a similar piece and  share  how your service has enriched your life and spiritual journey. The committee hopes to receive many more such witness stories from others in the parish.Continue Reading Vocations – Witness Stories