Young Adults (18 to 39)

Are you young?  Are you an adult?  Well, have we got a group for you!

We’re a group of young adults – 18 to 39 years old – based at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Toronto.  We come together for a lot of different reasons, some social, some educational, all of them true to our faith:

  • We want to have a Christian conversation about society, and the things that concern us
  • We want to learn to Christify our relationships with the people around us
  • We want to contribute to the Church and the local community through specific social projects.
  • We want to have fun together, get to know new people, and enjoy new experiences

How do I join in?

If you haven’t registered as a new parishioner, we encourage you to do so – and there’s space on there to tell us you want to know more about the Young Adults Group.  And if you’re not, strictly speaking, between the ages of 18-39, and are really interested in joining, drop us an e-mail anyway. We meet on a rather flexible schedule to attend socials, lectures, talks, and plan for our social projects. For more information or to sign up feel free to contact the Program Director for Youth and Young Adult Ministry by email at