Adults – R.C.I.A.

The RCIA [Rite for Christian Initiation of Adults], also known as The Catechumenate, is the process through which adults are initiated into the Catholic Church. The Catechumenate process takes place over a period of time from one to two years, depending upon the individual’s faith journey. It begins with an open-ended period of learning about the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church.

If the person comes to believe that they are being led to Baptism in the Church, they formally ask to become a Catechumen. At this stage the person is ready to declare their decision to become a Christian in the Roman Catholic Church, and will normally know that they will be baptized at the next Easter celebration, while they continue the process of getting to know what it means to be a Roman Catholic through specific participation in the life of the parish, and by sharing regularly in the worship of the parish community.

Please speak to any of the parish staff if you would like to look into beginning this process of becoming a member of the Catholic Church. You may use the online contact form or call 416-534-4219.