Ascension Sunday; May 28, 2017

sharelifesmallLiving the Gospel by providing a summer camp experience for young boys…

During his years as a young camper at Camp Ozanam, Niro experienced significant moments of personal growth in his life, which had a lasting impact on him. Later on, he became a staff counselor at Camp Ozanam, where he now has the opportunity to become involved in and positively influence the lives of current camp participants. “When you are with your brothers at camp, it is okay to show your feelings. These memories become important, because these kids really get to know each other and stand by each other. Thank you, ShareLife, for all the work you do to make this possible at Camp Ozanam!” says Niro. Last year, ShareLife-supported Camp Ozanam provided a unique camping experience for 600 boys from underprivileged homes in the GTA.

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